Children ask some great questions, don’t they? I remember Bear and Monkey surprising me with a few when they were young, and stumping me with more than a few. Some of the stand-out ones include (all asked in a loud voice):

  • “Does that man have a baby in his belly?”
  • “Is that a boy or a girl?”
  • “Is that lady God? Because if she’s not, I wish she’d be quiet so I can hear God.”
  • “Is Frodo (our dog) in heaven?”
I only wish I’d written more of them down … these days Bears and Monkey ask more practical questions, such as “Can you pick me up?”, “Why do I have to clean the bathroom?”, “Where is my shirt?” and “Do I have to go to school today?”. Sometimes I long for the quirky questions of their early years …
Author Teena Raffa-Mulligan says she “had no idea how much mothers needed to know, from where to find the lost sock in the sandpit to why dinosaurs became extinct.” One of the questions her youngest daughter asked when she was small was “Who dresses God?”:

“After a discussion with her nanna she also wanted to know the answer to other vital questions such as who looked after God and how He could see, hear and speak without eyes, ears or tongue.”

Her questions inspired Teena to write a rhyming picture book in which a mother and daughter have this conversation about God as they make their way to kindergarten one morning. Told from the child’s perspective, the series of questions and answers in rhyme introduces young children to the idea of a higher being that can see, hear and speak without eyes, ears or tongue, and does not live in a house with roof, walls and locking doors.

The result is delightful – to read my review, click here; to read my interview with Teena, click here.



Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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  1. One of the things I love about small children is their capacity to see the world with fresh eyes. It can certainly take us by surprise when their questions give us an insight into how their minds work. I'm convinced I've learned more from my children than they've learned from me!

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