September is shaping up to be a busy month at Write Note Reviews. Not only do I have an overflowing stack of books to review, but there are a couple with strict schedules to link in with author tours.

I’ve already mentioned Peaches for Monsieur Le Cure by Joanne Harris (I’ve already read this one, so that helps) and Mr Chen’s Emporium. Now, I’ve added The Inn at Rose Harbor to my list. It’ll be my first novel by Debbie Macomber – she has more than 150 million books in print (my inner novelist tells me this is staggering) so I’m not sure how I’ve missed seeing her name. It could be because many of her earlier novels were romances published by Harlequin/Silhouette, which I’ve never been a fan of.

Random House Australia is publishing  The Inn at Rose Harbor, which they’re pitching as “a heart-warming and touching novel of life’s grand possibilities and the heart’s ability to heal”. Here’s a blurb:

Can you find happiness and peace again after tragedy?
Is it possible to forgive someone after a lifetime of hurt?
Is it ever too late to let go of the past to embrace the future? From internationally bestselling author Debbie Macomber comes a heart-warming new series… “Welcome to Rose Harbor Inn, I trust you will have an enjoyable stay.” As the recent owner of Cedar Cove’s quaintest B and B, Jo Marie is determined not to let her own problems affect the stay of her first two guests. But it’s not long before she recognises they are struggling under the weight of their own burdens.Joshua has reluctantly come home to care for his ailing stepfather. But even on his deathbed, will the pair be able to overcome their differences? Returning to Cedar Cove for the first time in twenty years, Abby is forced to face the past she’s been running from all this time. But will she be able to forgive herself?

In the meantime, I’ve found myself drawn into the world of The Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty. I’m loving it so far. Here’s a snippet…a bit of poetry from Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty Like the Night”. One of the characters is studying Byron for a school project.



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