Monique has more than 20 years’ experience as an interviewer. A former journalist, news editor and book reviewer, she founded the Stories on Stage program in Perth in 2012. Since then, she has interviewed more than 100 Australian authors on stage and online as part of this program, including:


  • Craig Silvey
  • Kim Scott
  • Andrew Daddo
  • Rachael Johns
  • Joan London
  • Kate Forsyth
  • Natasha Lester
  • Holden Sheppard

She has also facilitated panels and interviews at festivals in Western Australia, including:

  • Perth Writers Festival
  • PrideFEST
  • York Festival

“Monique Mulligan is an insightful and generous interviewer, mastering the balance between close listening and asking the perfect follow-up questions. It is always a joy to share the stage with such a professional operator who can put her interviewees at ease and get the best out of us.”

Monique is a fantastic interviewer, always professional, well-prepared, warm and engaging. She never forgets to connect her guests with the audience, and can adapt quickly to stay in control of thought-provoking and diverse conversations.

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