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When no one stands up to a bully, can anyone be truly safe?

Tormented at school, ten-year-old Jane wants a best friend more than anything. Her wish is answered when Acacia moves in next door, and a carefree summer break beckons. Yet as their friendship blossoms and secrets are shared, Acacia remains stubbornly guarded about her home life, especially when it comes to her mother’s new boyfriend Daryl, a Harley-riding ladies’ man.

At a neighbourhood party, Jane stumbles onto a disturbing scene involving Daryl and is coerced into silence. Frightened and confused, she stays quiet, but when sounds of violence start emerging from Acacia’s house, she hopes an adult will intervene. Instead, everyone turns a blind eye.

Jane’s own family seems to be deteriorating into chaos too, as if the darkness in Acacia’s house is spreading like ripples in a pond. It will end in disaster if no one acts, and it may end in tragedy if someone does . . .

“Wildflower is a brave and hugely necessary book. Written with such tenderness, grace and sensitivity, this book is a light in the darkness and a strong voice for the rights of all women to be safe and cherished. Monique Mulligan has written a powerful story reflecting the hope and resilience of the human spirit. A triumph of a novel.” ~ Tabitha Bird, The Emporium of Imagination

“Wildflower is a skilfully constructed and captivating novel that weaves together a tender and poignant coming-of-age story with a powerful narrative tracing the aftermath of one woman’s escape from an abusive relationship. Brimming with scenes that masterfully juxtapose the blissful with the confronting, the simple with the complex, it has strong unforgettable characters that leap off the page and into your heart. Wildflower is not only a totally engaging and convincing read, it’s also an important read.” ~ Lyn Yeowart, The Silent Listener


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