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My lovely kindred spirit friend Maureen Eppen featured me on her Shelf Aware series this week. Here’s a snippet, but you’ll have to visit Maureen’s blog for the full insight.

Q. Monique, how would you describe the work that you do and how you do it?

A. Gee, hit me with the hard question straight away! Basically, I wear many hats (it’s lucky I like hats). Three days a week I do marketing and publicity for an arts centre (where I also run a Stories on Stage event); two days a week I am a publisher/editor/marketer/publicist/admin for Serenity Press, which I co-own.

Somewhere in there I squeeze on my author hat (usually around 6.15am and on weekends), which involves a combination of writing (my novel and blog posts), marketing, admin, creating and running workshops as booked … and so on.

I have to fit this all in around my family, which has its own challenges at times, like ‘Should I stay home with my family or go to that writing event?’ and ‘Should I bake a cake for my family or write?’ Because I love all things writing and reading so much, I have to make an effort to not always talk about it at home!

To find out what my bookshelves look like, how I arrange my books, and what I’m reading now, read the rest of the interview here.



Picture of Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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  1. I love reading your responses to my Shelf Aware questions, Monique — and seeing the photos of your beautiful bookshelves. Thanks so much for taking part!

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