Rocky Romance pre-orders

After several months of writing a romance short story and then working with Serenity Press (as a co-director of Serenity Romance) to compile the Rocky Romance collection, it finally feels real. The manuscript is being sent to printers today and soon Karen (Serenity Press) and I will have proof copies to check before finalising the first print run.

As an author, I’m excited because this is my first published fiction. I’m doubly excited because I’ve had the privilege of working with all six stories. On November 20, at the Rockingham Book Fair, I’ll be joining the other five authors featured in the Rocky Romance collection to sign 100 numbered copies. These can be purchased at the fair or pre-ordered online here.


Karen and I are now working on marketing the book. We’re hoping to get a media article (or few) as soon as we have a book in our hands, and then we’ll be approaching businesses around the area, as well as bookshops to stock the book. Wish us luck. We’ve already made an idea a reality, and from small things, big things happen.

Here’s one more teaser from “The Point of Love”. Click on the image for a bigger version. To find out whether “Thor” gets the girl, you’ll have to read the story.

Something about Andrew had her all in a tizz, and it wasn’t onlyhis close resemblance to Thor. This would not do. She had to get a hold of herself. Now. It didn’t help that he was assessing her with piercing blue eyes





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Monique Mulligan

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  1. That would be great, thank you! Pay Pal sent me a receipt, but I’m not sure they’ll know where to send the copy as I didn’t give an address. Unless they get it from Pay Pal …

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