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Writer's Edit Kindling 2 Anthology SmallThere’s something for everyone who loves words in Kindling Volume II. Filled with stories and verse to resonate with the contemporary reader, as well as must-have knowledge to encourage the modern writer, the book includes over 30 deeply personal and inspiring works of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and industry advice from Australian and international literary talent. What amazed me was how young some of the writers were, and how well-crafted their works.

As an emerging writer, I found invaluable practical advice about networking and pitching in Kyla Bagnall’s “Unsolicited to Solicited” and Benjamin Stevens’ “Writing a Perfect Query Letter”, an essay about query letters with an amusing ‘book as a naked body’ analogy. “Literary Prizes: What Do They Offer And How Do We Get Them?” by Laura Marshall was also a good resource, as was Alison Jean Lester’s “The Waiting Game: Strategies for Patience in the Publishing Industry”. These non-fiction pieces were clear, concise and informative – for anyone wanting to write, or navigating the murky waters of the publishing world, these are worthwhile reads.

Elise Lopez’s creative non-fiction “The Couple in the Woods: Fragments of a Memoir” had a dreamy, fairytale feel and highlighted the differences people have of shared memories. It’s a cleverly written piece that feels like fiction. Another creative non-fiction piece that stood out was Carina Mancinone’s “Eat, Memory”; I love food writing/fiction and Carina’s writing ably reflected her love of good food. This is a new genre to me and I like it. It’s the kind of non-fiction I’d like to write.

Of the fiction, two stood out for me: “Dear Perfect Stranger” by Karen Morrow and the tender, moving “Friedrich’s Goat” by Rosalind Moran. In their own way each is a story of redemption. “Dear Perfect Stranger” is a love letter to someone who is now a stranger; the line ‘Your smile cracked my heart open’ is achingly poignant. Friedrich’s Goat” was beautifully told, exploring regret and redemption with compassion and sensitivities. Poetry lovers are also spoilt for choice, with a number of thought-provoking and finely crafted offerings set to delight. My favourites were “30415” and “Leaves Pt. One” and “Leaves Pt. Two”, both by Lorin Reid.

As I said, there’s something for everyone and no two readers will be drawn to exactly the same pieces. Congratulations to all the writers, and to the team at Writer’s Edit for pulling together a worthwhile anthology. Writers – get one for your shelf.

Available from Writer’s Edit. My PDF copy was courtesy of Writer’s Edit.



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Monique Mulligan

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  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful — a genuine treasure trove, Monique. Will have to keep my eye out for that one.

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