My writing week #7

Last week I experienced that churning mixture of elation, relief and nervousness that comes with sending away a story. Two stories, in fact. For someone at the beginning of her writing journey, it’s a heady feeling, but boy, it felt good to let them go. They’re on their way to a competition and I can only hope now that they catch the judges’ eyes. Let it go. And breathe.

With those stories out in the world, I finally had time to work on my novel. Now, that was another feeling all together – finally starting to make an idea burst into reality. I’ve spent many an evening chatting with Blue Eyes about how it’s coming together. I tease him that he’s only doing this to get his name in the dedication, but really, I know how lucky I am to have a husband who is so interested and helpful in my writing journey. It’s helped that he no longer sees this as ‘just a hobby’ and understands how important writing is to me.

Other non-writing but writing related activities included deciding which submissions will be part of the Rocky Romance anthology (a Serenity Press project), and attending the launch of the Centre for Stories in Perth. This place is going to offer great opportunities for writers and storytellers in Perth. Check it out here.

This coming week longer work hours mean a break from writing. I’m working at a dance festival … perhaps there’ll be a story in that. A couple of years ago I met Charmaine Marangoni, a then 82-year-old former ballerina. Each year she comes along to watch the ballet and she was gracious enough to let me photograph her in 2013 (I also arranged for the local paper to interview her – see here). I haven’t seen her this year, yet.

Charmaine Marangoni.

Here are some photos I took over the last week. Click on each one for a larger image.










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Monique Mulligan

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