After the excesses of Christmas, I always feel like decluttering the house. Out goes the old, unused stuff to make way for the new. I’m not a hoarder (though there are some things I still hold onto for sentimental value) and it makes me happy to take my unwanted goods to the op shop so someone else can benefit from them. And, I admit, I like things tidy, in their place.

Do you ever do that? Go on a massive declutter spree? Ever think about why? For me, it’s a way to regain order. I find myself decluttering a lot when I’m worried, or feeling helpless about something, like teenagers! I suppose it’s a way to feel a sense of control over things I can control – not that I’m a control freak, despite what my freedom-loving Monkey (14) says. Other times it’s because I need things to be back to “normal” again – like after Christmas. While I love some¬†spontaneity, even crave it at times, I’m more settled when there is a routine. It gives me the balance I need – work/play times are a little more defined, rather than being “all over the place”.

Yesterday was the day of the big clean-up. All the kitchen cupboards were emptied, wiped out and re-stacked. My clothes were refolded and sorted. I know the order (at least in the kitchen) I have created is only temporary and soon I will find things in strange places once more. Like the spatula I found with the plastic wrap… As I worked my magic inside, Blue Eyes worked his outside in the shed. We both suffer from the inability to sit still – did I mention that?

Sadly, we got up this morning to find that Music Man had left sweet wrappers all over a table and Miss Attitude had pushed chocolate wrappers down the side of the lounge. I suppose it was better than the friend who found some rotted, unidentifiable fruit down the side of her lounge, as well as a long-lost homework folder. It seems none of our offspring inherited our neat-freak genes. Or they won’t admit to it.

Today the busy bees were off to the tip with the rubbish from our garden renovation, followed by the op shop with a pile of clothes, crockery and books. It feels so good to come home to a tidy house. Hang on… who left these dishes all over the kitchen bench? And who ate in the lounge room? And why are there crumbs all over this table and floor?

Sometimes I wonder why I was born a busy bee…

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Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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