Finding the creative me again

One of the things I missed when I was living an unbalanced life – all work, no play – was time for creativity. In the past I had tried scrapbooking, cardmaking and other crafts, but as my work ratio increased, there was little time for that. I particularly enjoyed beading, creating jewellery for loved ones and friends – even selling a few bits here and there.
With my focus so squarely on “getting the paper out”, I lost interest in nearly everything that once inspired me, except perhaps, photography. During my months off work, I rediscovered my creativity within and opened that window wider. I will never be a great artist or even a “good” artist, but I can still enjoy making what I think are beautiful things, learning all the while. There may be no time for courses yet, but all in good time. For now, I just enjoy those windows where I can create.
I found the table below in a kerbside waste collection, smashed up some tiles (great therapy, by the way), didn’t let my perfectionist streak dictate the design and voila! Presenting our new mosaic outdoor coffee table. There is some finishing off to do, but it’s looking good already. Benissimo!



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