Where do you do your best thinking?

Where do you do your best thinking?

I live in a house with five other people, so sometimes it can be hard to get the quiet space I need to write. I don’t have an office (yet … but I will when Bear or Monkey finally make the move), so I make do with a desk in what house designers might call a family room. It faces the kitchen, but is separated by a half-wall.

With one teenager at school, and the other three (technically Bear is no longer a teen, being 20)  in and out for their part-time jobs, getting quiet time is even more challenged. Just when I get in the zone, someone says, ‘Hey, it’s two-minute noodle time’ or ‘Let’s see how much noise I can make while making cheese grills’.

So, I have these chunky headphones, and I put them on and play my writing mix: an eclectic mix of songs from Angus & Julia Stone, Of Monsters and Men, and more. Of course, that’s a signal to call out from the kitchen (‘Have we got any more bread?’, ‘Do we have any other flavoured noodles?’), or decide to have a heart-to-heart after days of sullen silence.

Sometimes the writing flows anyway. I’m in the zone. Other times, I take a thinking break. Hang out the washing (I was doing that when I came up with the kiss scene in The Point of Love), go for a walk (see photos below), or escape to the bedroom (or coffee shop if Blue Eyes is snoring away) with a notebook.


Hopefully, my little office will become a reality sooner rather than later (I love you, Bear and Monkey) and then I can hang a ‘Do not disturb’ sign and shut the door.

Even superheroesdeserve a day off

Last weekend, Blue Eyes and I both needed a bit of thinking space, so we took ourselves off to some local wetlands. I came back inspired and ready to write the next chapter of the novel. And that’s exactly what I did!








Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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      1. PS. Which, due to constant banging, slamming and grinding from the wood installer, did NOT happen 🙁
        PPS. Do you make a pout face when you type the pout emoticon?

  1. It’s hard to find space and time, I definitely agree with you. I need silence when I write – so music in headphones wouldn’t work for me. Good luck with it, Monique. xx

      1. PS. Right now, I am in my bedroom, while wooden floors are being installed. Our furniture is in the garage and front room (carpeted) and I’m trying to write to the sounds of grinding, bashing, slamming, and clumping. No wonder I’m working on book reviews instead.

  2. I totally relate! More and more, my husband’s work stuff has taken over the attic. We’re looking at separating—not matrimonially; just workspaces—and one of us will take up residence in the bedroom. It’ll undoubtedly be me because my stuff’s easier to move and can fit into a single desk. *Not happy, Jan.*
    I know what you mean about constant interruptions, too. Looking forward to being able to take over a kid’s bedroom!

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