As Covid-19 restrictions changed much about the way we live (for now!) and interact, authors, creators, publishers – and the Arts industry in general – scrambled to find ways to stay connected and relevant.

And, boy, did the writing community step up.

Authors who had book launches and tours cancelled suddenly had different opportunities – online launches, talks, and readings, wider access to podcasts and blog interviews, and more. Many of these opportunities were created by other authors, reviewers, or supporters of writers.

It has been incredible to watch this happen – and as an author affected, it has been heartwarming. Thank you to everyone who supported authors in this way – whether you arranged an event, or watched it, shared it online or went out and bought the author’s book – you all made a difference.

I’ve been running Stories on Stage at Koorliny Arts Centre since 2012. It started as a passion project for me – I wanted the centre to have a literature-based event – and eight years on, I’ve interviewed more than 50 Australian authors on stage.

I was looking forward to interviewing more authors this year – and had a number of events programmed. When Covid-19 reared its head, the centre had to cancel its planned in-house events, but decided to lend a hand with promoting new-release books for authors who’d had launches cancelled. Stories on Stage Online Edition launched in April on Facebook and featured Lauren Chater (Gulliver’s Wife) as the first guest.

Since then, I’ve interviewed Cassie Hamer (The End of Cuthbert Close), Kate Forsyth and Lorena Carrington (Snow White Rose Red), Josh Langley (Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures), Kim Kelly (Walking), Lisa Ireland (The Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan), Leah Swann (Sheerwater), Andrew Daddo (Atticus von Tasticus 2), Josephine Moon (The Cake Maker’s Wish), David Roland (The Power of Suffering), and Ashley Kalagian Blunt (How to be Australian).

My last online interview is with Maya Linnell (Bottlebrush Creek). I’m excited and sad at the same time – excited to chat with Maya about her book and sad that the online series is ending. But, that does mean we can finally bring back the in-house events.

Perhaps the next guest will be … me! Look out for details of my upcoming book launch.

In case you missed any of the interviews and you want to catch up (I know, there are so many out there you could binge all week and never get through them all), here they are.


APRIL 28, 2020: Lauren Chater (Gulliver’s Wife)


MAY 5, 2020: Cassie Hamer (The End of Cuthbert Close)


MAY 12, 2020: Kate Forsyth and Lorena Carrington (Snow White Rose Red)


MAY 19, 2020: Josh Langley (Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures)


Kim Kelly (Walking)


Lisa Ireland (The Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan)


JUNE 9, 2020: Leah Swann (Sheerwater)


JUNE 16, 2020: Andrew Daddo (Atticus von Tasticus 2)


JUNE 23, 2020: Josephine Moon (The Cake Maker’s Wish)


JUNE 30, 2020: David Roland (The Power of Suffering)


JULY 14, 2020: Ashley Kalagian Blunt (How to be Australian)




Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

2 Responses

  1. Great, I can catch up on the ones I missed. You did a great job Monique, I’m looking forward to your book launch.

    1. Thanks Claire. As readers and reviewers (former in my case), we both know how much books mean to authors. It’s important to give them the space to talk about their book.

      I’m booking the date for the launch on Friday.

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