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Wherever You Go is now in the hands of three wonderful, much-appreciated beta readers: Teena Raffa-Mulligan, Lily Malone and Maureen Eppen. And I’m waiting … waiting … crossing fingers … waiting …


I’m trying to focus on writing a short romance for an anthology, but at the back of my mind, all I can think about is: ‘Did Maureen skip to the end to find out the answer to a particular question?’ (she’s been critiquing my work, so she’s had a head start), ‘What do they think?’, ‘Do they like it?’, ‘How much?’ and ‘Are there any typos?’

It’s a mix of unsettling, excruciating (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit), exciting, nail-biting (my nails are rather ragged) and edge-of-the-seat feelings all at once. Can you relate?

I’ve been in their position before. I’ve been a beta reader for Lily Malone and Louise Allan. I’ll bet they felt like I do now. For a beta reader, it’s a giant privilege to be asked to read someone’s manuscript, but you also have to fit reading that manuscript in with the rest of your life.

I get it. It’s not all about my book.

My patient impatience reminded me of a song my sister and I used to listen to when we were kids (don’t blame us, Mum bought the record). I can sing it word for word … well, the chorus, anyway:

I’m going to sing this every time I wonder where Maureen’s up to, if Teena liked the goose part and if Lily thinks the story needs more love scenes. Obviously, I’ll sing it in my head. Obviously.




Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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  1. You’re funny!
    I don’t beta read for typos that much, Monique – I must admit. I’m beta reading for character, pacing, story, plot… those type of things. That said – you do have a ‘friend’ in one instance where you’d prefer to have a ‘friand’… and that made me giggle. Check your cafe scene with Irene 🙂
    xx It is GOOD, I’m enjoying it very much … but I will have some thoughts for you when I get to the end xx

    1. I’m glad I’m funny. Laughter is often the best way of dealing with things, right?

      I always loved this song from Mary Poppins:

      The more I laugh, the more I fill with glee
      And the more the glee
      The more I’m a merrier me, it’s embarrassing
      The more I’m a merrier me

      As for that friand … I’ll fix it (lol) but now you’ve made me hungry.

  2. I’m sure your readers are enjoying your book, but I totally relate to how you’re feeling—the wait is excruciating. Try to keep busy to keep your mind off it. If you need a fourth opinion, I’d love to return the beta-reading favour. x

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