The creative juices are flowing…

Like so many others, I returned to work after the Christmas break, wishing I had just a few more days off… were you the same or were you itching for a holiday from the kids? Actually, now that I think of it… no, never going to happen with four kids at home, so best not to let that thought take hold (but if you feel like babysitting the Fab Four, let me know). Anyway, the break was the first time my husband and I had spent together at home for more than a few days since we married in 2008. We made the most of it by finishing the Great Backyard Reno of 2011, buying even more plants, eating too much, catching up on reading, and for me, completing some arty projects.

I’ve found that mosaic-ing is a rewarding form of creative therapy for me. I’ve tried scrappin’ and card-making,  and while they too are rewarding, I tend to lose interest fairly quickly, probably because I have no dedicated craft area. I think what has been most rewarding with the mosaics is that they are adding colour to the garden Blue Eyes and I are creating, one full of fruit trees, herbs and vegetables – a backyard gourmet garden.
Mosaics - just one thing I enjoy doing.Now I am eyeing off the pavers cum stepping stones in the garden. Over the next few months I am going to decorate each one with a different family member’s initial – a way, I guess, of embracing the ‘home is where the heart’ is adage. I’d love to hear how you do this – over to you, while I go have a glass of wine with Blue Eyes, who wants me off the computer 🙂 Balancing act in action, right? I promise not to think of mosaic designs while I  have that glass of wine.



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