As part of my role as a journalist and newspaper editor, I wrote a column called, you guessed it, “Balancing Act”. The column focused on aspects of my life – from the mundane to the funny, from moments about mothering to experiences we as a family have shared. Our first trip away as a blended family… stupid fights children have… faking sick and faking showers… and what I thought of teenagers before I had some!

Writing the column allowed me to express myself more than I could in a typical newspaper article and I had lots of encouraging feedback from community members who loved reading the exploits of Bear, Monkey, Music Man, Miss Attitude and Blue Eyes. Although I’ve started writing the column again on my Facebook page, what I wanted was access to my older columns, which are copyright to the paper I worked for. It’s a matter of intellectual property…

Today I got permission to reproduce these columns on my Facebook site – I’m still waiting to hear if I can put them on my blog. For now, to get a blast from the past, visit the Facebook page – I hope my crazy family’s exploits make you laugh. It’s my take on life… and a great form of¬†therapy when you just need to vent.




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