Blue Eyes has said it a number of times: “Maybe you’ll need to slow down on the book reviews?” I’m sure he’ll say it plenty more times as he watches the ‘review’ shelf fill even more. And when he hears that I’m also going to be reviewing for Simon & Schuster, I’m sure he’ll shake his lovely head and despair of me.

I’ve had to cancel all trips to the library until further notice. I think it’s a smart move, even though I just know I’m missing out on some great books…oh well, they’ll keep. This last few weeks I’ve been reading my way though The Little Book of Anxiety by Kerri Sackville, The Lavender Keeper by Fiona McIntosh (I’m blaming that one for a very late night), Prime Cut by Alan Carter, Vulpi by Kate Gordon and The Boy who Fell to Earth by Kathy Lette. Tonight I get to start a new book…wonder what it will be? Maybe I should shut my eyes and pick at random. Or will I be good and go for the next in line?

Whatever I pick, it will have to be finished and reviewed in time for June, when I join a read along of My Hundred Lovers by Susan Johnson. It’s being organised by Allen & Unwin and I’m excited to be part of it…although I’m still wondering exactly what I’ll have to do. Apart from read. Of course.

Author Alan Carter reads to a captive (or should I say, captivated?) audience.

Some new author insights have been uploaded – Deborah Forster, Teena Raffa-Mulligan, Sara Foster and Alan Carter are among those I have been chatting with lately. Still to come is my interview with Kerri Sackville…writing that up is on my increasingly long to-do list.

My Meet the Author guest for May was Alan Carter. The Koorliny Arts Centre event included a reading by Alan – one woman wanted to take him home so he could read her the whole book. The other hit of the evening was my lemon syrup slice…the sour-sweet slice perfectly complemented talk of body counts, crime writing and bad guys. Next month I’ve invited Sara Foster to Meet the Author – must ask her what her favourite slice is.

The City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare fell into my hand when I got home and six chapters in I’ve decided that’s my next book. I’ve really enjoyed the Mortal Instruments series so far – anyone else read this one?

PS. As predicted, Blue Eyes shook his head in a “What am I going to do with you?” fashion when I told him about Simon & Schuster.




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