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Here We Lie

I first discovered Sophie McKenzie with her psychological thriller Trust in Me. That one kept me glued to the pages until I was finished. Her latest novel, Here We Lie, is equally full of twists and turns that make it hard to put down. Here’s the blurb:

On holiday with family and her adoring fiancé, Jed, Emily couldn’t be happier. But overnight, the idyllic trip turns into a waking nightmare when one of the group is found dead in what appears to be a terrible accident. The devastated party returns to London to cope with their loss while trying to resume their normal lives. But new revelations shed a shocking light on the holiday tragedy and set Emily on a perilous journey to discover the truth about what happened. Soon a terrifying series of threats and lies bring her face to face with the dark truths at the heart of her family – and into life-threatening danger …

Ever feel like no one is listening to you? Or, when you think something weird is going on, no one believes you? That’s what happens to Emily after a tragedy brings her holiday with her fiancé and family to an abrupt end. When an ex-lover and journalist, Dan, approaches her with information that places one of Jed’s family members under suspicion, Emily’s in a difficult spot. Jed doesn’t believe her and doesn’t want to, and as their mutual trust erodes, so does their relationship. Who is lying? Who can she trust? And is the truth even darker than she realises?

A dark, suspenseful tale, Here We Lie is worth adding to the reading pile if psychological thrillers are your thing. I found it compelling, though had to suspend disbelief on a few occasions. Of the two I’ve read by McKenzie, I felt Trust in Me was a stronger story. However, the character of Dee Dee, Jed’s 13-year-old daughter, was a stand out in this novel. The depiction of an adolescent caught between two parents, while being bullied at school, was heartfelt and authentic.

Available from good bookstores (RRP $29.99AUD). My copy was courtesy of Simon & Schuster AU.




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