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At the end of a week filled with the day job, meetings, appointments, family dramas and a rejection (more on that another time), it’s nice to end the week on an upwards note. My novelette, The Point of Love, is now up for pre-order at Amazon.

3 (1)First released in Serenity Press’s first romance anthology, Rocky Romance (2015), The Point of Love has a soft spot in my heart – it is, after all the first romance story I’ve ever written. It also highlights the controversy shadowing a beautiful area called Point Peron, in Rockingham, Western Australia, which is pitting developers and boat owners against those who want the area protected. You can see photos in the trailer at the end of this post. Here’s the blurb:

New girl in town and journalist Lexie, has been targeted by developers who want to sell her their vision for a marina at Mangles Bay. On paper, the proposal looks good, but when Hands Off Point Peron spokesman and Thor-lookalike Andrew Fletcher takes her to nearby Point Peron, she has second thoughts.

A date at Penguin Island sets the scene for love, but will Lexie’s front page story be a deal-breaker for Andrew?

As a book reviewer, it’s quite a strange and nerve-wracking experience to have my own story reviewed. I’m so happy that some of the early reviews look like this:


If you’re interested, you can pre-order The Point of Love from Amazon Australia: here

Amazon US: here

Amazon UK: here

And here’s the trailer:



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Monique Mulligan

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  1. Congratulations Monique! I think these novelettes are wonderful ideas and I hope it goes well for all of you out of the Rocky Romance anthology. Loved your trailer by the way. Rejections suck, but I promise you that they are good at the end of the day because they definitely help build a thick hide… and a writer sure needs one of those! Enjoy the lead-up to release day 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lily. It’s certainly a start, isn’t it.

      Keep an eye out for the A Bouquet of Love anthology. You may want to contribute 🙂

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