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I have discovered Instagram, an iPhone app for taking and modifying photos. For those who haven’t tried it, the app is rather addictive. But it allows for on-the-spot creativity, which is helpful when you’re blogging – no need to carry the big camera everywhere.

And because I like a creative challenge, I thought I’d give this a go, albeit a few days late. You can find the pictures on Pinterest.

Kakula Sister, Fremantle

Here’s one I took today, symbolising “neighbourhood.” I do need to clarify though that this isn’t my suburb – it’s a place in the neighbourhood I would love to live… does that count? Kakula Sister is a fantastic grocer in Fremantle, one of my favourite places. Earlier today, Bear and I had some “mum and son” time, and enjoyed a limonata and caramel slice from this fantastic shop. I wish it was in my neighbourhood. Blue Eyes would probably worry if it was, though…



Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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