Pan MacMillan Australia was kind enough to send me two colouring books recently, which has given me a great little collection for when I’m in need of time out from words.

Inspiring Zendalas: Zendoodle Coloring - Julia SnegirevaEnchanting Gardens: Zendoodle Coloring - Nikolett Corly

Inspiring Zendalas (RRP $16.99, out now) is illustrated by Julia Snedgrove, a Russian artist and illustrator. She draws on her travels across Russia, ornate Slavic artistry, and her native Ural Mountains, to produce intricate mandalas and beautifully detailed patterns. The book is filled with mystical circles to colour, some simpler than others. Some people may find the more detailed colouring books a bit intimidating – if so, this one may hit the spot. When I get the chance to doodle mandalas or zendalas, I start to feel more relaxed, especially when I let go of the need for the artworks to be perfect.

Enchanting Gardens (RRP $16.99, out now) is illustrated by Nikollet Corley, a self-taught artist born and raised in Hungary. Like me, she finds the creativity to have  powerful therapeutic effect. Her Zen-inspired illustrations all have a floral basis. The nature-themed drawings range from simple to intermediate.

If you haven’t tried an adult colouring book, but you’re looking for a way to be creative without feeling like it’s too hard, give books like these a go. There’s no right or wrong way (because that would be stressful) and you can use crayons, pencils or markers. I’ve put to together a post with more helpful tips here.

Available from good bookstores or online. My copies were courtesy of Pan MacMillan Australia.



Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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  1. Hi your spot on when you say “There’s no right or wrong way (because that would be stressful)” if you color just for pure fun and don’t want to exhibit your work at the Tate gallery then coloring really is relaxing!

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