Recently I’ve had to put my love of photography on the back burner – holding a heavy camera when you have a torn tendon in your elbow isn’t the best form of rest (photographing a friend’s wedding set me back a week). Chatting about this with Blue Eyes earlier today, I realised how much I’ve missed getting out and capturing the small things, albeit a fleeting expression on a loved one’s face or a tiny caterpillar.

So, with my arm on the mend, Blue Eyes and I set out for a nearby nature trail noted for its wildflowers. We knew it was probably a few weeks too early – in late August a variety of orchids spring up in the bush – but with both of us needing to get back to basics, we grabbed the camera and went anyway. Our mission was to make time to notice the small things, something we both strongly felt the need to do.

photo 3 (1)
You wouldn’t think this trail was home to an array of wildflowers at first glance.

It would have helped if I’d charged the camera. Yes, I had the camera poised, with macro lens on, found my first target and … no charge. That’s how long since I’ve used my camera. My iPhone came to the rescue, and while the photos don’t capture anywhere near the detail I’d intended, it was lovely traipsing along the path, listening to birdsong, and keeping our eyes down for little gems of the bush. Take a look at what we found:

photo 1
Starflowers, Karnup
photo 2 (1)
Hibertia rambling over fallen logs. At this time of the year, you mostly see hibertia and hardenbergia – yellow and purple popping out from the greenery.
photo 2 (2)
Blink and you’ll miss this spider web art, glistening with morning dew.
photo 3 (2)
Kicking myself for not charging the camera.
photo 4 (2)
Mushrooms or toadstools? I don’t know, but they look good.
photo 5 (1)
Another one I’d have liked to get the macro out for.
photo 5
Love the dewdrop hanging precariously at the end of the leaf.
photo (1)
We think this is an orchid … these are hard to spot because they’re so well camouflaged.

We also spotted the first of the kangaroo paws, but they didn’t photograph well – there was a slight breeze and I found that it was hard to focus and press the button on the iPhone without having to refocus … We also found one donkey orchid but my phone decided it had had enough and switched off right as I knelt down to take the photo.

I’ve taken better photos … in fact, I’m going back in a couple of weeks to seek out the donkey orchids, cowslips and pink fairy orchids … and this time, my camera will be fully charged! What really matters is that we took sixty minutes from our day to appreciate the beauty that’s out there, waiting to be seen when eyes and minds are opened afresh. For me, that’s only been made possible by setting aside some things and doing others “just because”.

PS. The nine things I’m glad I didn’t miss? The nine photos are those things.





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