Midweek Moment #61: Lake landscapes

‘Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.’ Wallace Stevens

Blue Eyes and I escaped to Tasmania last week for our first holiday of greater than ‘two sleeps’ without our kids. We loved it so much there, we are already talking about going back again in 2017. My camera had such a workout as we drove through varying landscapes, from the high country to the (small) cities.

While there, we experienced all weather types, sometimes in one day: rain, sun, hail and even snow. Driving from Queenstown to Tarraleah, we stopped the car for a snow-capped mountain photo op, when we noticed sleet begin to fall. How we danced around in excitement! Like we were children! (Blue Eyes grew up in WA and had never experienced this). But it was to get better. It was snowing by the time we reached Derwent Bridge, but when we reached Tarraleah, Blue Eyes thought the snow wouldn’t make it. I was convinced it would.

I woke at 5.30am the next morning, coughing and spluttering (I was unwell with tonsillitis the whole time but thought it was a cold), peered out the window … and saw a winter wonderland. We layered up and took ourselves off for a walk in the snow, marvelling at the transformed landscape, and dancing in delight when snowflakes fell on us once more. Here is one of my favourite photos:


Just looking at this makes me wish I were back there. Even if it’s cold! For more of my snow photos, click here.

Interestingly, Louise is sick of the cold, and my holiday gave the chance to take a break and put the camera away for a bit. Here’s what she says:

‘My energy levels are low, and I have a long list of commitments over the next few months. Added to that, Spring’s been struggling to start, even in our city of sunshine. Most days have been overcast and wet—not that I begrudge the rain, because we need it—but the sun makes me feel lighter, and I’m sick of the cold. I stripped our beds yesterday and had to decide which sheets to use for replacements—summer or winter? Thin cotton or warm flannelette? Normally by this time of year we’re using our cooler cotton, but yesterday I chose the flanelette. The older I get, the less I’m prepared to put up with cold.’

But, she forced herself to get out the camera and has shared this lovely, reflective photo. As she says, ‘At least some blue sky is showing in this photo of the reeds at the lake.’


I love Louise’s photos, and this one is no exception, so lets hope she gets her mojo back soon!


About Midweek Moment:
Louise Allan and I are writers who share a passion for photography. As a creative digression from the written word, we share our favourite photos each week in ‘Midweek Moment’. Please click over to Louise’s website to view more of her photography and to read her writing. We hope you enjoy!




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