Midweek Moment #55: Going for gold

Louise and I went for gold this week – were we inspired by the Olympics? My photo is one from the archives as I haven’t been out much with the camera this week. Nor did I watch much of the Olympics. Too busy writing!

I’m not a lover of hot weather. Summer drains me, and I long for cooler days. But when my hands are too cold to type and I drink copious cups of tea just to warm them up, I start to feel that yearning for a little warm bite in the air. This morning that’s not the case, and has a touch of chill, but this photo tells me that warmer days are coming.


Just looking at it, with its golden glow and dark shadows, makes me feel warmer. Although, that could also be the heater that is currently warming my feet.

Louise was also taken by the sunset light.

She says: ‘At the lake where I walk, there’s gap in the fence, and if I nip through I can follow a dirt track that takes me past the line of Moreton Bay figs, out through the rushes, and into a marshy area that juts out into the lake. I need my proper walking boots as it gets muddy after rain, and I can only follow this path when I’m on my own, without my canine walking companions. Once there, by the water’s edge and amongst the reeds and balga, it’s easy to forget that I’m in the midst of a busy suburb.

unnamed (10)

I took this shot at sunset a couple of nights’ ago, and it seemed to capture the tranquility of the moment.’

It’s a beautiful image and I particularly like the varied textures in the water.


About Midweek Moment:
Louise Allan and I are writers who share a passion for photography. As a creative digression from the written word, we share our favourite photos each week in ‘Midweek Moment’. Please click over to Louise’s website to view more of her photography and to read her writing. We hope you enjoy!



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