Midweek Moment #11

Midweek Moment

What do cats and sunsets have in common? The only thing I can think of is the ‘ts’ at the end of each word … and people like taking photos of them.

Boogle aka Fattybum (some even stretch to calling her Kardashian) refused to get off my bed when I was making it one day during the week. So, I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics of her yawning, grooming … and then decided to stir her up by sticking my hand under the quilt and wiggling my fingers. She thinks she’s caught me in this pic. The challenge was holding the camera steady at the same time.


Louise took her photo at Swanbourne Beach on Sunday after a 30ºC day. In Australia, it’s the time of the year when days are lengthening and warming; summer’s just around the corner. For Louise, it’s something to look forward to, and looking at this image, I can see why. It speaks of relaxation, warmth and freedom.

unnamed (2)

As always, click on the images to see the larger versions.


Once a week, Louise (of Louise Allan: Life From the Attic) and I team up to share creative photos on our websites. It’s all part of our challenge to stretch ourselves creatively.




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