As I drive home from work the sun sets over the salt lake, bathing the lake in gold, dusting the sky with amber, peach and ochre. Sometimes the clouds sweep across the sky, mirrored in the lake, and other times they swell with a shining glory. It’s hard to put a sunset into words sometimes. They’re beautiful, amazing, stunning, breathtaking … or in one simple word, “WOW”.
Artists, photographers, poets – all strive to capture the perfect sunset as it embraces the earth in a golden hug before slipping away. Lately, when a sunset really pops out at me, calling me to stop and join nature’s best bear hug, I do exactly that. Just stop. Pull the car over and watch, even if just for a minute. I take that embrace and melt into it and give myself time to breathe before I go home, because I know that the second I walk in the door, the sunset has faded from the day and from my mind.
Just stop. Two little words that I’m learning to listen to (it’s taking a while). Like a quiet word from above. Just stop. And here are some more that follow (if I listen). Look. Appreciate. Breathe. Slow down. Breathe some more.
Monkey and Bear have two different words: Just chill. They usually mean that in a different context, such as “Just chill, mum, I’m not going to do anything silly”, “Just chill, mum, of course I won’t stay up late/stay on the computer all night” or “Just chill, mum, I’ll do my homework” … and so on. And they’re right. Not about the “not going to do anything silly” (they are), “won’t stay up late” (they will) and “I’ll do my homework” (they won’t), but before I tackle the next big thing, whatever that is, I need to chill. Just stop … and breathe.


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Monique Mulligan

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  1. What a beautiful reminder that it is OK for us to stop what we're doing and appreciate the wonder of the world around us. All too often we rush from one activity or place to the next without a pause. Then the magnificence of a sunset stops us in our tracks and we remember for a moment that there is more to life than our busy-ness. Yes, each day is a gift when we are present to it.

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