After having a bit of a whine last week about my postie, this week I have been surprised with a number of book deliveries…it’s raining cats and dogs outside, but inside it’s raining books!

The first picture shows three of the books I’ve been sent to review. The second picture shows my “to read” pile. Which is probably a bit bigger again, considering a friend has lent me her copy of Bloom by Kelle Hampton and the first three books weren’t in that pile…

This week I’m reading the third section of My Hundred Lovers by Susan Johnson for the bloggers’ read along, as well as Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt. This one really has me hooked. I’m about to write reviews for When We Remember They Call us Liars by Suzanne Covich (a raw and emotive memoir) and A Stranger in my Street by Deborah Burrows and do a bit of website maintenance (rolls eyes).

But first, I have to prepare for tonight’s Meet the Author event with Sara Foster (love her books). Here’s the slice I’ve prepared for tonight – actually, it’s a triple choc brownie. It was a hit last time so I’m making this again per special request from one of the audience. It’s amazingly tasty considering it’s gluten-free. Sherry and slice…it goes down a treat every time. Keeps the audience happy. And they keep coming back for more, which keeps the centre happy. They smell SO good. Might just have a nibble and hide somewhere for a read. After all, it’s raining. And reading and raining is such a good mix.



Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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