I see your scars

I wrote this poem a long time ago during a difficult and painful period in my life.

I see your scars:

Old ones, white and raised,

New ones, red and raw.

Pain oozes from you

As you shuffle

Eyes down,

Invisible walls around you

Weeping tears of blood and salt.

Wishing someone would help

Hoping something will change

Having your heart ripped open over and over

Is the worst pain of all.


You can’t see my scars,

They are on my soul.

Look deep into my eyes

They will reflect what you want to see

Unless you know where to look

And reach beyond

the mask

the smile

the words that say what people want to hear:

“I’m fine,

I’m okay”.


Step into my soul

For just a moment.

Run your fingers over my scars,

Rest your eyes on my bruises,

Feel my pain,

Share my story

Just as I will share yours.

© Monique Mulligan



Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

0 Responses

  1. i see your scars, i share your pain, i share your story,
    i see you grow, i see you flower , i see you shine
    time does not diminish, some wounds will not heal
    carpe diem

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