How I write

I’m sorry. Did you come here to learn something meaningful about my writing process? Forgive me.

Today’s post is not about how I perch myself in front of my desk, words and fingers at the ready.

It is not about how I plot or don’t plot and which software I use (Scrivener and Word, if you are interested).

It is about the reality of writing when you are a writer with a cat.

Lately my cat has taken to hanging around whenever I’m writing or editing. I love her, and when I’m not writing, I’m happy for lots of cuddles (usually when she isn’t as inclined to hand them out). This must-hang-out-with-human-at-desk is new.

It started like this – I’d like to think it’s about keeping my chair warm, but I suspect this move is more about my comfort than hers:


Then it became this:


How am I supposed to resist this? If I don’t respond, this is the next move:


Followed by this:


And then on to this. Note, there is no actual invite to sit on my lap. It’s taken for granted that there is room for her and I won’t mind. This part usually coincides with the washing machine beeping or the phone ringing.


So, I get up, hang the wash (or whatever) … and then she returns to this:
img_0902 And when I give up on writing, this:


That’s how I write (and I haven’t even gone into zoning out the Yahtzee games that get played on the wooden dining table right next to my writing space, or the teens who have no idea that I can hear EVERY word of their conversations when they are playing online games with headphones on).

Sometimes, despite the cat, teenagers and dice being rolled on a wooden table RIGHT NEXT TO ME, words even get added to the manuscript I’m working on.

Tell me how you really write.



Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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  1. Your cat’s got a great life. I need total silence and chase my cats outdoors. I’m a meanie I know. Though when I’m babysitting Sam’s dogs, they sleep on the floor beside me and for some reason I don’t mind but find that comforting x

  2. It’s hard to give them the boot, I know. We don’t have a cat, but we have the two dogs. One of them is scared of the stairs, but the other bounds up to the attic to sit under my desk. The frightened one stays at the bottom of the stairs and cries! It’s heartbreaking to hear, so I go down and coax her up with treats. Like Rae, I find the sound of their soft snores comforting as I work. Of course, they seem to like it being up here, too!
    Great post! x

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