I was excited to receive a copy of The Chocolate Promise from The Reading Room and Allen & Unwin recently. Josephine Moon’s The Tea Chest was delightful and I’ve been waiting and waiting for her next book.

The Chocolate Promise

Here’s the blurb:

Christmas Livingstone has ten rules for happiness, the most important of which is ‘absolutely no romantic relationships’. In The Chocolate Apothecary, her enchanting artisan store in Tasmania, she tempers chocolate and creates handmade delicacies. Surrounded by gifts for the senses, in this shop chocolate isn’t just good for you, it’s medicine. And then one day a stranger arrives at her front door – a dishevelled botanist seeking her help. She really doesn’t need Lincoln van Luc to walk into her life, even if he does have the nicest blue eyes, the loveliest meddling grandmother and a gorgeous newly rescued dog. She really doesn’t need any of it. Or does she?

Set across Tasmania, Paris and Provence, this is a glorious novel of a creative woman about to find out how far in life a list of rules will take her, with an enticing tangle of freshly picked herbs, pots of flowers and lashings of chocolate scenting the air.

The Chocolate Promise is released on March 25 and is available from good bookstores.

Would you like to win a copy? Thanks to Allen & Unwin, I have three print copies to give away to Australian readers. All you have to do is tell me your favourite type of chocolate in the comments AND what you think mine is (that’s just for fun, I won’t mark you down if you get it wrong).

The competition will close on March 30 and prizes will be sent by Allen & Unwin to winners.

**COMPETITION CLOSED** Winners are Heidi, Geckogirl Reads and Karen**




Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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  1. ALL chocolate!!! Though I have a weakness for all things hazelnut…Nutella Ferrero Rocher and Cadbury family block of hazelnut! Books and chocolate are my choice of drugs!!!

  2. Asking me to pick a favorite chocolate is akin to asking me to pick a favourite child… which at this present moment wouldn’t actually be so hard.
    My go to favourite is a block of peppermint, or top deck, or mint swirl kitkat,…. hmm I think that’s the shortlist.

  3. My favourite is Cadbury peppermint but I can only eat it from the fridge otherwise it makes me cough! But for a special treat there is a yummy chocolate place between castlemain & Bendigo – called the Chocolate Mill which has hand made Belgium chocolate! But can’t eat dark chocolate.
    I reckon you might be a Lint balls mixed favourites kind of girl

  4. I find there’s something special about chocolate easter eggs- being in that shape, waiting to be cracked makes them taste so much better! Haigh’s chocolate is my favourite.

    I’m guessing yours is …..maltesers??

  5. My favourite is Caramello Chocolate – I’m guessing yours is Lindt Milk Chocolate

  6. Very dark chocolate, home made with nuts, I think this may be to your liking as well.😇

  7. My favourite chocolates are John Walker Chocolatier’s Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffles (can you hear my tummy rumbling as I write that?). I suspect your favourite is your incomparable chocolate bark…

  8. I am a true chocolate lover and my favourite is an Irish Dairy Milk bar. It is just different than the others even more slices 🙂 Monique I think that you would like something very special also and savour it when you get it. x

  9. MY favourite is dark chocolate (not the very bitter stuff) or Ferrero Rochers / hazelnut chocs, and I’m guessing yours might be… anything by Lindt or Max Brenner, Turkish Delight, or Haigh’s Chocolate Bilby?

  10. Chocolate and you are making me choose? Seriously thats like asking which one of my kids is my favorite. *sigh* Ok…well…hhmm…ok, ok, I will say fruit and nut because what could be better then mixing chocolate with fruit and nuts? Fruit and nuts have never looked so good then with chocolate all over them.
    I would say you are a dark chocolate lover for sure.
    oh and my favorite kid?….it changes from day to day but its most often the one thats behaving 😀

  11. I love chocolate with hazelnuts! I think your favourite is white chocolate with almonds. Maybe the Lindt one. Am I right? 🙂

  12. Ohh this novel sounds great. Well timed too with easter just around the corner from it’s release!
    I’m a huge chocolate fan… it’s actually one of things (apart from books) that I have the most trouble resisiting. I prefer Cadbury chocolate and I’m quite happy with just plain Milk Chocolate. Though a couple of years ago, before they discontinued it, my answer would have been cadbury’s marble chocolate! I’m also quite partial to Cadbury easter eggs, not sure if its just because its only around for a couple of months of the year, but it always seems to taste better, more elusive then the regular old chocolate. As for your favourite chocolate I’m really not sure. No one likes the cheap and nasty crap though, so I’m thinking maybe a fellow cadbury fan (who isn’t) but probably Lindt and something darker. You always post such fun and usually healthy cooking photos, so I’m going with you don’t have such as a sweet tooth as me!

    1. As I sit here reading your comment I am munching on a Turkish Delight from a Roses box a colleague left near my desk. Dangerous! They are Blue Eyes’ favourite, but to me, they are just nice.

      1. Ohh I’ve never been a big fan of Turkish Delights. Predicatbly I’m eating a Cadbury Easter egg just cause I can.

  13. I love to indulge in any milk chocolate that I can share with others – because you can have the best conversations and laughs over a sweet treat or two! I think you would enjoy any chocolate that you could have whilst writing your reviews.

  14. My favourite is Lindt Excellence with Chillii- It reminds me of the mysterious spiritual origins of chocolate. Guessing yours is Lindt with sea salt?

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