Writing a book review yesterday, I had one of those moments when the words were stuck somewhere deep inside me and could not be budged. Often I soldier on with a “must get this done” mentality, but something made me stop writing and look for Blue Eyes. He was in the garden, looking over what we have created and at the approaching clouds (have I mentioned that he loves weather watching?).

“I can’t find the words,” I said, after a moment.

He hugged me. “Let’s go for a walk and see the wildflowers.”

An aside: Western Australia boasts one of the most spectacular wildflower displays in the world. From June to November about 12,000 plant species bring the state alive with colour and scent in a dazzling display. In fact, the southwest of WA is one of 39 special places in the world named as an International Biodiversity Hotspot.

A short drive from us is Karnup Nature Trail – a small but sweet nature reserve that in Spring is a patchwork of colour. I’ll let the pictures tell the story, rather than words …

Blue squill
Donkey orchid
I think this is a bee orchid.
I think this is a Hovea.
Donkey orchids
Kangaroo Paw – see the ants?
About to flower … alien-like, aren’t they, with the soft focus beyond …

At the end of the walk, I gathered some wild freesias near the carpark – they’re regarded as weeds, so OK to pick … they look lovely in my house – smell great too. On our way home, we decided that next weekend we’ll visit another nearby nature reserve. I’ll bring the camera, macro lens and tripod – it’s been too long since    I’ve indulged my love of photography and I feel very much out of practice.

Wild freesias … not a great shot because it was taken while I was walking to the car…
My little excursion helped bring the words back too (see Write Note Reviews if you want to check out my book reviews). A walk in the great outdoors, taking time to look at God’s gifts to us, gave me the chance to turn my mind to other things and come back refreshed. What’s your way to get over a creative block?



Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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