I am not a sporty person. I played in a netball comp for several years, I can ski and I can ice-skate, but that’s about the extent of my sporting resume. When it comes to push, shove, kick, throw, run, bat, swim and so on, I would much rather engage in the most serious sport of reading (the book I am reading this week is more than 700 pages, so my arms are getting quite a work-out, I must say). As a journo, I used to Google study before writing a sports story since my knowledge was zero minimal.  So, when author Lily Malone suggested I join the Bunker-play Blog Hop & Giveaway, which asks participants to write a golf-themed blog post in honour of her novel Fairway to Heaven (released this week), I thought, “Better not”. What do I know about golf other than the fact that the fashion on the field could do with a make-over? Then I remembered – I have played golf, so I’m actually a bit of an expert not a golf virgin, per se.

I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I remember the MacDonalds across the road (and escaping through a hole in the fence to grab some fries when no one noticed). I remember swishing the golf bat stick club through the air a lot (apparently you’re supposed to hit the ball, but I rather liked that swishing sound). I remember thinking there was a lot of walking around (and people standing around while I held them up making swishing noises). I remember losing count of how many hits and misses I made. Most of all, I remember my pink golf ball. I bought it to commemorate what I was sure might be the start of a brilliant golfing future (even though I wasn’t all that interested in the game). Sadly, my golfing future disappeared as fast as the pink ball when the wind blew it into a lake (I still stand by this version of events).  After a teeny meltdown tantrum moment in which I may even have said the F word (“fore”, of course), I rustled about in the grass for another ball (score!) and continued on my way. Oh, didn’t I mention that my fellow golfers left me to it long before? Looking back fondly, I remember happily hitting my new dirty white ball here, there and everywhere, kicking it along a bit (just to help). It’s possible that I may have helped the ball along by throwing it back on the green a few times, but my memory is hazy on that. I loved that day so much that I have NEVER played golf again (except mini-golf). 


Lily Malone, who knows nearly as much more about golf than me, has sent me an advance copy of Fairway to Heaven and it’s next on my list to read. It will be available from Amazon from January 8 (more info here). To celebrate the launch of what I know is going to be an entertaining romance read (with a couple of romps in the bunkers, I’m sure), I’m giving away a copy of Jennifer St George’s Sweet Seduction, which includes two great reads – The Convenient Bride and Seducing the Secret Heiress (reviewed here). To enter, comment below and tell me who you’d like to ride with in a golf buggy. Sorry, only open to AU readers. This competition closes on January 15.

Also, as part of this celebratory blog hop, there is a main Rafflecopter draw at Rhyll Biest’s blog (check out the prizes below) AND all the blogs taking part in the hop will be offering their own giveaway:


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It’s over to you now – jump on our little golf-buggy of love and enjoy the ride! Don’t forget to enter my comp as well as the main Rafflecopter draw. And look out for Fairway to Heaven!



Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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  1. Hahaha……we have the exact same experience of golf.(They DO take it seriously, don’t they?)

  2. Oh you crack me up! Now just a couple of words from one expert to another. If you swing and miss in golf, that’s called “having a windy”… and instead of letting us all know that you’ve picked up your ball and thrown it back on the fairway… the delicate way to call yourself a cheat is to mumble something about there being ‘Preferred lie’ at this green, or ‘relief from that lake’ or ‘oh but that tree is ground under repair… I get to drop here.’
    Got it? Good. Now I don’t know if I’m eligible, but just in case, I’d love to read some Jennifer St George and if there’s a golf buggy cruising around a golf course, (of course), I want to jump in it with Warney and talk cricket. (He’s actually a great golfer too).

    1. Thanks for the helpful tips, Lily. In my house, however, having a windy refers to something escaping from the nether regions. As for cheating, is it cheating if I’m walking around the golf course on my own in la-la land and not actually scoring?

  3. I’m sure my husband would like me to say him as he is a keen golfer and would love me to take more of an interest in his hobby (or better understand his love of golf!). I’m going to also say I would like a golf buggy ride with a non sporting figure – with Author and TV presenter Neil Oliver, as he is full of so many rich stories about history and archeology, he also has a lovely Scottish accent which I could listen to for hours! 🙂

  4. If my husband wasn’t available of course… I’d love to take Pete Evans out on the Golf Course.. and I’d even allow him to cook me up a scrummy meal (or even a snack will do) after I’ve worked up an appetite. To be honest with you though.. I think I could only handle 9 holes .. and maybe a bucket of balls on the driving range.. that is always fun!!

  5. Proving that women can be just as superficial as men, I’d go for the caddy candy in my golf cart, someone pretty like Misha Barton or Michael Fassbender. But we can have a deep and meaningful conversation about Lily’s book while we search for our pink golf balls 😉

  6. Mel Brooks, because he would keep me in stitches while we hoon around in the golf cart.

    1. Good one! Actually, at my work we are days away from our production of Young Frankenstein: The New Mel Brooks Musical. Supposed to be a hoot!

      1. “No, it’s pronounced “Fronkensteen.” One of the best lines ever in a movie!

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