Hello fellow booklovers!

Have you read my review of Lifesaving for Beginners by Ciara Geraghty yet? Have you read the book yourself? I posted the review earlier today and saved this little surprise for now – I have one copy of Lifesaving for Beginners to give away, thanks to Hachette.

What do you have to do? You may have noticed that I’ve added a little something to my reviews this year – bookish treats. So, I’ll keep this short and sweet – if you want to be in with a chance, comment on this post below telling me which treat you most like to eat when reading. I’ll pick a winner at random on Sunday night (Perth). Don’t forget to check back in to see if you’re a winner … but maybe wait till Monday just in case I’m late.

Postage costs mean I do need to limit this to AU residents – sorry to anyone who will miss out because of that. But feel free to tell me about your bookish treats.

Good luck!

Tonight’s bookish treat: After the dinner Miss Attitude has helped me prepare (roasted potatoes with bacon, cheese and Caesar dressing), I think I’ll need to take it easy with a peppermint tea. Boring, I know. That’s why I’m going to pretend it’s chocolate.



Monique Mulligan

Monique Mulligan

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  1. I love a couple of Scotch Finger bikkies, or chocolate. But at the moment, chocolate is out of bounds as I’ve given it up for Lent.

  2. When reading a book, maybe the lion the witch and the wardrobe , i like eating ‘TURKISH DELIGHT….YUUUMMMYYYY….

  3. This sounds like a really good book! And thanks so much for the giveaway! Honestly I find it really hard to eat while reading (something about an inability to coordinate my hands so that I can actually hold the book and eat at the same time), but I love timtams no matter what so would definitely eat them, or kit kat chunkys, or actually recently I keep having an orange while reading.

  4. For me it’s Burger Rings or BBQ chips, I much prefer savoury snacks to sweet food. It does tend to make my fingers sticky though!

    Thanks for the chance to win – i am about to turn 40 myself!

  5. I always love having a cup of tea beside me when I read in bed at night.. and if I were to have a treat, it would be a couple of squares of Cadbury chocolate to go with it.. Yum.

  6. Depends on two things, firstly is where I’m reading. If its in/on bed then nothing to eat, but sitting in a comfy chair some lollies are nice but nothing that melts and would make me leave a mark on my book.
    Secondly it depends on the book.. for example…. While reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult I couldn’t eat a thing.

  7. Thanks for commenting – the winner, chosen via, is Michelle V. Let me know your postal address so I can send you Lifesaving for Beginners. Enjoy it!

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