Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity.

How exciting! Write Note Reviews has been featured on the Blog Love section of website Beauty and Lace – a fabulous website full of information women love to read. There’s advice on hair, fashion, beauty, living, entertainment, eco, family (and more), but most importantly, books! Of course, reading in style cannot be dismissed lightly, nor can reading in style while eating delicious food, but we all know books rule. Right?

To check out my profile – visit here.

After a bit of a book drought (not a bad idea as I managed to get up-to-date on all my reviews), the books have started coming in again. In the last three days seven books have turned up at my house. So have Blue Eyes’ eyebrows. (I’ve been getting the Don’t-you-have-enough-books look). To appease him, I made a list of all the books I’m expecting to get through by the end of the year, assuring him it was only … twenty-six. 26. Twenty-six? How did that happen? Luckily there are only thirty a few on order for 2013 so far.

Moving on and away from numbers (silly things really), tonight I’m hosting another Meet the Author event, this time with Carina Hoang. If you’re interested in reading about refugee experiences, do check out her book Boat People (reviewed here at Write Note Reviews – just scroll down to find it). My house smells like the chocolate chunk slice and lemon yoghurt cake I’ve just baked. Imagine a theatre with a spotlit reading chair on the stage, high tea stands piled with supper, and glasses of sherry poised ready for sipping … that’s what it’s like at our Meet the Author events.

I’ll soon be posting a Q&A with author Caroline Overington. Her novel, Sisters of Mercy, is fantastic – I’ve reviewed it here. Surprised by some of the feedback, she agreed to be interview and set the record straight a bit. Coming soon: a Q&A with author Tara Moss.

My computer is telling me it wants to restart – quite inconveniently, I might add – so off I go to do the mad run around before the kids get home and peace disappears.



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Monique Mulligan

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