My Silly Mum official trailer

I have to give illustrator Veronica Rooke a big shout out. Not only has she come up with the perfect illustrations for My Silly Mum, made worksheets and colouring-in sheets to complement the book, and helped out with promo graphics, she has also created this engaging and funny book trailer:

She has done an amazing job and I shake my head (and smile) when I think how lucky I am to be working with her. Veronica’s work came to my attention when she illustrated Who Dresses God for my mother-in-law, Teena Raffa-Mulligan. I remember thinking, “I’d like to work with her one day”. And what do you know? It happened. I’m looking forward to the next book, Veronica!

I hope you (and any kids around) enjoy the video … and I’m crossing my fingers that it makes you want to read My Silly Mum. You can buy it from Serenity Press, Amazon, and soon, Booktopia.

For more information about Veronica, check out her website here and her Facebook page here. If you need an illustrator, she comes highly recommended!




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