Midweek moment #52 – celebrating a year of moments!

This week marks 12 months of working with Louise Allan on our Midweek Moment posts. Some weeks it’s been hard to squeeze the posts in, or to get out and take new, creative photos, but somehow we always manage to find something. But what I’ve loved most about this collaboration is not just Louise’s wonderful photos, but getting to know her through her thought-provoking descriptions.

Over the year I’ve also had the pleasure of beta reading Louise’s novel, Ida’s Children, and I am confident that this book will soon find a publishing home.

Anyway, we thought we’d mark our “anniversary” by sharing three of each other’s favourite photos. It was hard to choose three favourite photos from Louise’s submissions over the year, but eventually I narrowed them down.

Midweek Moment #9′: Lovely composition and the dusky pink rose make this photo I keep coming back to. It’s soft, romantic and the rose almost looks like it’s floating.


Midweek Moment #36: This photo has a soft romantic quality that I adore. I love that burst of colour in the corner that is reflected on the sand. This one prompted me to get out of my comfort zone and play around with shutter speed.

DSC_3028 (3)


Midweek Moment 41: I love so much about this image. The vibrant colours, the sense of invitation and promise … and just the fact that it’s a wooden gate. It makes me want to go traipsing through the countryside.

DSC_1202 (1)

What I’ve enjoyed is watching Louise come out of her comfort zone, trying different techniques and exploring different subject matter. Her dedication is reflected in the quality of her images.

So, which photos of mine did Louise like? She went for photos she thought captured what she knows about me: my love of macro and good food and gardening.

Midweek Moment #15: garlic that Blue Eyes had just dug up from the garden. Louise says: “I love the earthy freshness of this image, which, for me, captures you and your love of cooking and gardening. I want to be a gardener, but everything I grow seems to die. Partly because of the dogs and their digging habit, and partly because I’m Tasmanian and I’m not used to sandy soil or a climate that means you have to water your garden.”


Midweek Moment #32: a seed pod I found on a friend’s driveway. Louise says: “I loved the softness of this image, which I think is because of the white background. I also like the detail we see inside the pod.”


Midweek Moment #44: leaf with water droplets. Louise says: “I loved the way the water looks as if it’s bubbling, and the blurred background and bokeh give it a dreamlike atmosphere. I had a hard time choosing between this image and Week 9’s tulip with water droplets, and to tell the truth, I’m still not sure which I like better.”


Louise, I think I would have picked the same images.


About Midweek Moment:
Louise Allan and I are writers who share a passion for photography. As a creative digression from the written word, we share our favourite photos each week in ‘Midweek Moment’. Please click over to Louise’s website to view more of her photography and to read her writing. We hope you enjoy!





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