I think there must be something wrong with the post today. No books for me. None yesterday. Or Monday…or last week. Anyone else experiencing this disturbing phenomenon? Blue Eyes says I have enough books on my shelf already. And that’s not counting the “to-read” shelf…I say there can never be too many books. Who’s with me?
At the moment I am reading three different books – The Meaning of Grace by Deborah Forster, This is Life by Dan Rhodes and My Hundred Lovers by Susan Johnson. Sometimes I will read a book the whole way through and not look at another until I’m finished. Other times I have a few on the go, like now. I think it’s because The Meaning of Grace and My Hundred Lovers are both calling on me emotionally, while the other is more escapist.Does that make sense? I’m trying to read the books in bits so I don’t get too drained – it’s probably not the books so much, but all the other things I have going on at the moment. Did I say things? I should have said “teenage son”. Both books deal with relationships with mothers and I think they’re hitting close to home. It probably doesn’t help that I am finally watching the film version of My Sister’s Keeper…I could be reaching for tissues soon. And since I’m psycho-analysing myself I may as well lie down on the couch.

There really is something wrong with the mail. There is none. None for me. Yep, the postie just went past and took a wide berth past my house. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day…but no, wait, is that a courier van is coming to my house…it is…excuse me while I check out my latest book! 



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