Ever had a dream that a wave is about to come crashing over you? I’ve had this dream many times over the years and I’ve learnt that it usually comes when I am feeling overwhelmed by something. Right now it’s the juggling act that comes with children on school holidays and work. I’m fortunate that mine are old enough not to need childcare, but there are still added demands on my time in the form of arranging drop-offs and pick-ups to and from friends’ houses.

Yesterday I interviewed Perth author Deborah Burrows (A Stranger in my Street) ahead of a Meet the Author event I’ve organised for my day job. I’m really looking forward to meeting her; the conversation was relaxed and I think she will be a hit with the Meet the Author regulars. My insight to Deborah is here – it looks at how a private person becomes “public” once published. And then there’s her advice to wannabe writers: just do it!It’s no wonder that at the end of the day all I want to do is curl up with a book and escape somewhere else just for a little while. Some chocolate and a glass of wine would not go astray, but tonight I will have to make do with a peppermint tea. My book tonight? I think I’ll start with The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty and then read a little more of All That I Am by Anna Funder – I have some catching up to do ahead of the bloggers’ read along being hosted by Stephen Ormsby. Oh, and Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer (it’s quite a departure from Picoult’s usual controversial/topical issues).

The latest review on Write Note Reviews is Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon and I’m about to write one for The Betrayal by Y.A. Erskine. My review shelf was starting to thin down a little and then three more books arrived today!

Somewhere I need to find the time to get back into learning Italian. Somehow…




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