Author: Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos
Macmillan Australia RRP $34.99
Review: Monique Mulligan 

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook - Dr Catherine ItsiopoulosMy husband and I are both lovers of Mediterranean food and employ a lot of the principles of the Mediterranean diet in our eating. A couple of years ago, we both read (and I reviewed), Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos’ book, The Mediterranean Diet. We already knew the Mediterranean Diet was one of the most respected and prescribed diets in the world, with multiple positive health effects, but what we also found was that the diet aids weight loss, promotes longevity and slows the progress of Alzheimer’s. It was a good incentive then, and remains that way now.

This latest book contains more information about the diet: it compares the Greek, Italian and Spanish versions, and shares some of the latest evidence supporting the diet. Both my husband and I found this section useful, especially where the benefits of a plant-based diet are explored. I’ve been changing my diet to one that’s increasingly more plant-based and this gave me the incentive to stick to that path.

The recipes are simple, tasty and inspiring. It’s more a case of “what won’t I cook?” in this book. We’ve made chicken meatballs; slow-baked root vegetables in honey and balsamic glaze; chicken, cherry tomato and spinach risoni; chickpea and spinach soup, beef stifado, and more. When the weather warms up, we’re looking forward to some of the salads, but for now, we’re eyeing off the cavolo nero with borlotti beans,  chicken saganaki … and most of the desserts. The cookbook also contains a menu plan for lacto-ovo vegetarians, which I am keeping a close note of.

The Mediterranean Diet is the diet to end them all. Scientifically backed by decades of rigorously peer-reviewed research, the results of the Mediterranean Diet speak for themselves. Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos has devoted her life to studying this World Heritage diet and now brings you more recipes, tips and facts to improve your health as well as brighten your home. From longevity and sustained weight-loss, to the prevention of heart disease and dementia, for long, happy life of healthy eating, the Mediterranean Diet is the one to follow.

Above all, the cookbook is about celebrating food and life. If you’re looking to expand your repertoire in this diet – get this. If you’re considering a more plant-based diet, as I am, the recipes in here do wonders for making vegetables more than a side dish.

Available from good bookstores. My copy was courtesy of Pan Macmillan Australia.




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