One of the things I am enjoying about uploading my old columns, is re-reading them. Seeing what stage of life I was in, where Monkey and Bear were at… They’re teenagers now, and as I re-read this column, I was struck by the changes in them. Firstly, this column is about how children think their teachers know more than their parents. Boy, has that changed. Now they know nothing, just like me!
Courtesy of the Sound Telegraph. Note, this was written in my former name.
iPod song while I walked:
Heaven is a Place on Earth.
I took time for a walk and exercise this morning. There’s an oval near the kids’ school with exercise equipment – a free outdoor gym. Here’s the view from one of the machines. How great is it to exercise on a cross-trainer while looking at a little creek, the gorgeous Aussie bush, buzzing dragonflies and more?
Bella Boogle
Back at home, I sat down to write – a couple of articles to get out of the way – and my darling Bella Boogle decided she wanted attention. She leapt from the pool table behind me onto my desk with no warning – what a shock that was! Even more shocking was that she managed NOT to knock over my coffee. She seems to like sitting on newspapers so I set her up next to me on her own chair with newspaper mat. Great company, but a bit pushy, I must say.
Now I’m off to do the mum thing. Monkey is having an interview at a potential new school and then I am hosting a Meet the Author session tonight at work…somehow I need to make a cake before then!



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