Years ago, when I thought of myself as a mother, I imagined myself with at least one daughter – I spent much of my childhood with my mother and sister so girls were what I knew. Instead, God blessed me with two wonderful sons, Bear and Monkey, two of the greatest joys of my life … but this is not their story. Six years ago, God blessed me with a second chance, the man I call Blue Eyes, and his two children, Music Man and Miss Attitude. Today is Miss Attitude’s 12th birthday – one day, I hope she understands that while I may not be her mum, I consider her one of the joys of my life.

Here is a snippet of my birthday letter to her – it’s short (just like her attention span for anything unrelated to anime and her friends):

Loving life to the full. That’s Miss Attitude.

First of all, wow! You’re 12! Haven’t you grown into a lovely young lady … and all that stuff. You’ll hear it a lot from now on (although I’ve found that no one says it to me anymore because obviously I’m short growing outwards no longer growing and I’m old young in attitude).

I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of the young woman you’re becoming. I really admire your loyalty and caring nature. At times your thoughtfulness to others is amazing. You’re also really funny; I can see why people like to be around you – you remind them to love life.

We’ve been talking a lot lately – girl stuff, growing up stuff … so I left all the lectures helpful advice wise words for another day and another post. I might have used up my quota of wise words already today.

People come into our lives for different reasons – I’m just so glad that through Blue Eyes, Miss Attitude is now part of mine.

We saw some amazing clouds while driving one day, so we pulled over and watched them from the beach.





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