In the lead up to the launch of Serenity Press’s upcoming Writing the Dream anthology (available for pre-order here), I’ll be sharing guest posts from some of the contributors. Thanks to Jenn J McLeod for this short and sweet post. 

Jenn J McLeod 4

Five things I’ve learnt as a writer:

  1. Patience is a great name for a character, but I have none.
  2. Your computer keyboard will need replacement F5 / refresh buttons for the duration of your career. (Buy in bulk now.)
  3. The words endlessly frustrating and laborious to the point of utter despair and confusion are okay to explain your writing process. Those same adjectives should never be applied to the reader experience.
  4. Writing is addictive. So is wine. (Also buy in bulk now.)
  5. Finally (and to prove I can be serious), I’ve learned to sell myself. More importantly, I’m starting to sell the idea that Australians should buy more Australian made when it’s available – and that includes books. Support Aussie authors. Buy Aussie books. (Yes, I am starting an Australian Made Books campaign. Want to join me?)

When Jenn J. McLeod quit Sydney’s corporate communications chaos, she bought a little café in a small town and ran a unique, dog-friendly B&B in country New South Wales. Home is now a fifth wheeler caravan, and her days are spent writing heartwarming tales of Australian country life that weave intricate tapestries of friendship, family, love, and contemporary issues. Readers and reviewers alike enthusiastically received Jenn’s debut, House for all Seasons, placing it at Number 5 on the 2013 Nielsen’s Best Selling Debut Novel list. Simmering Season is the second book in her Seasons Collection, followed by her third novel, Season of Shadow and Light. Visit Jenn at her website , on Twitter @JennJMcLeod, and at her author Facebook page, Jenn J McLeod.Books.




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