Midweek Moment #7

Midweek Moment

Louise and I are sharing bird photos this week. While I love photos of birds, they’re not a common subject for me, because I don’t have the telephoto lens to capture them from a distance. I had another image in mind to share this week, but Louise’s bird photo was so lovely, I felt that my image needed to complement hers. Click on the images to see the full effect.

My photo is of a sea gull, taken at Penguin Island. It wasn’t taken this week, rather a few years ago when I had a different camera and a bigger zoom lens. I love the way it appears as if he’s looking over his shoulder at me.

Louise snapped this bird in a flowering fruit tree. We think it’s a New Holland Honeyeater (these birds love my front garden). Louise said her avian subject may have had a nest close by as it wouldn’t leave her alone while she was photographing the blossoms.

DSC_8493 (1)


Once a week, Louise (of Louise Allan: Life From the Attic) and I team up to share creative photos on our websites. It’s all part of our challenge to stretch ourselves creatively.




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