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Vasilisa the Wise

My favourite word is serendipity.

In a recent moment of beautiful serendipity, I chanced upon a Facebook post from one of my favourite authors, Kate Forsyth.

Have a read of artist Lorena Carrington‘s post to see what happened (she has a link to a post on Kate’s blog as well).

The upshot is … I’m going to be working on an amazing book for Serenity Press over the next year: Vasilisa the Wise & Other Tales of Brave Girls. Am I excited? You bet!


The Bone Lantern

I’m so thrilled to announce that a book I’ve been working on with the marvellous author Kate Forsyth has been picked up by Serenity Press and will be published in 2018!


Vasilisa the Wise & Other Tales of Brave Girls will be a collection of seven fairy tale re-tellings written by Kate and accompanied by my illustrations. They are stories of independent girls and women; tales of adventure, bravery, kindness and strength.

It has been a wonderful process, much different to the usual writer/illustrator relationship, and a way of working that is, to an illustrator at least, both rare and wonderful. We’ve both chosen stories we love. Some Kate has written first, and sent me to work with. I have created several artworks for others, and sent them to Kate before she starts writing. We’re inspiring each other, and it really is magical. And such a privilege.

Kate has written a blog post about how we found each other…

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