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Cover reveal: Fergus the Farting Dragon

Did I tell you I’m having another children’s picture book published? If you follow me on Facebook or get my e-newsletter, you probably knew, but I have a feeling that in the hot mess of my last two weeks, I haven’t shared the news here.

So. A book I started years ago will be published in 2017 by Serenity Press. Fergus the Farting Dragon was initially going to be a chapter book for middle grades about a dragon who farts fire (turns out someone else had that idea). I realised it would make a better picture book, and after some encouragement from lots of children at Book Week 2016, I turned my idea into a rhyming picture book manuscript.

Veronica Rooke, who illustrated My Silly Mum, will also work with me on this project, and I look forward to sharing our journey with you over the coming months. Veronica has been hard at work on capturing Fergus’s character and the cover. And here it is:


What do you think?





  1. Absolutely love Fergus your farting dragon. when do you think it will be published ? Or did you say and I missed it? My grandies dad does fart jokes with them all the time and I know they would love it! Well done Monique.


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