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When dreams come true…

I’ve been working hard pulling Serenity Press’s Writing the Dream anthology together for months, so I loved what Maureen Eppen had to say when she read an advance copy.


Over the last few days, I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to read an advanced review copy of the new Writing the Dream anthology, to be published in November by Rockingham-based Serenity Press.

You may have noticed me sharing my excitement and enthusiasm for this book on my Facebook pages and Twitter accounts during its genesis and development in recent months.

Writing the Dream v4 Serenity Press will release Writing the Dream in November.

Its creation is the serendipitous result of an imaginative and professional collaboration by two people I greatly respect and admire (and genuinely adore!).

Serenity Press founder Karen McDermott and her newly appointed co-director Monique Mulligan have been planning and working on the Writing the Dream project for close to a year, and their hopes and aspirations for this magical book are nearing fruition at last.

With the book’s launch just a few weeks away, they have every right to…

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