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Midweek Moment #44: Beauty of a leaf

“In every change, in every falling leaf there is some pain, some beauty. And that’s the way new leaves grow.”
Amit Ray


I’ve spent most of this chilly winter’s afternoon indoors, catching up on writing and editing. The skies took on a gloomy cast as a brief rain shower wet the earth, and then the sun pushed its way between the clouds. That was when I grabbed the camera to make the most of the light. I chose this photo because I love the way the light shimmers across the water droplets. It’s an unusual angle of a leaf, where the light is more important than the form, but ultimately the form of the droplets is what shines.

The funny thing is, I was thinking earlier that I just don’t have the time to get a new photo this week. I’ve so much writing to do, and we’ve just finished some house renovations this morning (!), but I’m so glad I seized those few moments to look for the beauty in nature.

Click on the picture to enlarge – it’s even better.


Louise has had a strange week, one that’s made her feel grateful for her family and their health. Last week, her daughter fell from her bike and fractured her collar bone. She lives in Melbourne, on the other side of the country, so Louise flew over to be with her.

Louise says: “The bottom line is, her bone will heal. The week or two she’ll lose won’t matter—it’s nothing in the scheme of things. She’ll still have her health and her future. I’ve heard lots of sad news lately—of families coping with illnesses that will take much more than a sling to heal, and of a mother living with an illness which won’t heal.”

Louise’s photo of a lone leaf speaks to her, as it does to me. It’s still there, hanging on for dear life despite the winter. And sometimes, we have to be like that leaf and hang on.

DSC_2027 (1)


About Midweek Moment:
Louise Allan and I are writers who share a passion for photography. As a creative digression from the written word, we share our favourite photos each week in ‘Midweek Moment’. Please click over to Louise’s website to view more of her photography and to read her writing. We hope you enjoy!


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