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Write an effective media release

Very helpful post, Teena and Maureen. I’m sharing this on Monique Mulligan Author – the more new-to-marketing authors who see it, the better.

In Their Own Write

Book reviewer and freelance journalist Maureen Eppen highlights the importance of taking a professional approach to promoting your book.


If you want to be taken seriously as a published author, you should prepare a professional-looking, single-page Media Release to accompany your book when you send copies to book editors of newspapers and magazines or to writers of blogs about books.

It is a relatively straightforward document, but it’s surprising how often even the most highly regarded publishers and authors forget to include some of the key pieces of information that journalists or bloggers might need when writing about their book.
The most obvious details to include are – of course – the name of the book; the name of the author (your name); the name of the publisher; when it is being published (or was published); the formats in which it is available (such as Trade Paperback, Hardback, eBook etc)…

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