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What’s your meatball?

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“No problem is insurmountable. With a little courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything.” Unknown

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It started with a little meatball. A pork meatball flavoured with sage and parmesan, to be exact. Just one little meatball on a plate. So small, so tasty … so unwanted. Who knew that this meatball would form the basis of a new scientificphilosophical psychological school of thought?

The discovery began when a young boy (let’s call him Music Man) was given a meatball to eat. For more than hour, he poked, prodded and pushed the poor meatball around his plate, clearly wrestling with his mind insisting: “That’s a bad meatball”. Even covered with tomato sauce, his favourite condiment, the meatball remained uneaten. No amount of explaining, persuading, cajoling, pleading, ranting (that was Blue Eyes), crying (that was me), or bribing (don’t tell me you’ve never resorted to such low levels) could convince…

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