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Sick as

Originally posted on Write Note Reviews and written for the Sound Telegraph newspaper.

Write Note Reviews

This article was written in 2011 for my Balancing Act column. I thought I’d uploaded it … but it turns out I didn’t. It is all true … and we still fight over who has to sit next to Music Man when we fly.

After a whirlwind visit to family in the Eastern States, there were mixed emotions. A touch of sadness, a niggling (unwelcome) reminder of the impending return to ordinary life, relief that before long we would be in our own beds and, for the kids, excitement about their pre-prepared goody bags and free inflight entertainment.

I did not imagine that during the flight our family of six would become THAT family – the one everyone on the plane could not wait to get rid of and made heavily punctuated Facebook statuses about.

“OMG, the family from hell was on the flight home!! OMG, they were soooo annoying!!!”

Mildly annoying…

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