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My writing week #2

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Editing. How do you know when to stop? When to say, that’s enough, kiss this darling goodbye? This week I submitted my 10,000-word romance to Serenity Press after tinkering around with minor edits. When Karen, the publisher, asked when she could read the story (I’ve been sending her teasers for a while), I went home, checked the manuscript one last time and pressed send. Lexie and Andrew’s story of finding love in Rockingham, amid the real-life controversy of a marina development, is now one step closer to publication. Called “The Point of Love” (a reference to the beautiful Point Peron pictured below with a teaser), it’s due to appear in the Rocky Romance anthology later this year and it may be published individually on Amazon. Watch this space.

With that story sent, I turned my attention to another project – “Valiant Return”, a short story for a local writing competition…

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